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  I see,far away far away in self's eyes just full of,pale yellowish green,smells one smelting,Oh ,this is breath of spring girl; Underfooting the earth seems as if yellow carpet of palm fibre soft ,is giving off delicate fragrance; That air is moistened is smooth and fresh as well; Be more groundless than having must have a field to be boasting,having whipped everyone's contours of the face ,[复习必备 | 海量免费学习视频资源尽在“学而思轻课APP”>>>点击了解 ]this lightly is the happy kiss that the spring girl gives people; Be deep dense sparse shallow green all around ,ask the gift having white ,yellow ,pink colour ,red ,blue and purple ,this spring.

  哦,老远地老远地眼里便尽是葱绿,嗅一嗅,啊,这是春姑娘的气息;脚下的泥土像是棕黄的地毯白白的的,散发着清香;空气润润的而又新鲜;风似有非有地吹着,轻轻地拂过每此人 面庞,这是春姑娘给亲们的快乐的吻;四周是深的浅的浓的疏的绿色,还问有白色、黄色、粉色、红色、深紫色 和紫色,这春的礼物.